Hey there! I’m Wendy – Possibilitarian, Liberating Professionals from the Status Quo. Thanks so much for stopping by my website for a visit. Here’s a quick video [only 2 minutes] so I can introduce myself, or you can skip the video and read a little about me in the bio below.


In 2007 I heard the sound of my head hit the glass ceiling and discovered I was entrenched in the status quo: bored, complacent, and disengaged professionally. I slogged through another year of apathy before escaping the shackles of corporate America and what had become my “business as usual.”


In 2008 I shifted my paradigm of believing my identity was to be an employee. I invested in myself, discovering what I’m good at and what I like to do is help professionals transform their career or business, transition out of the status quo, and reinvent themselves.


I help professionals identify the rut they’re stuck in and climb out by helping them achieve clarity of vision for the future. When you have clarity, a natural direction emerges. Having a direction invigorates your energy and catalyzes you to take focused action. Taking focused action gets you out of the rut.


What’s your status quo in your professional life? Where do you need clarity, direction, energy, and action?


I have liberated more than 300 professionals from the status quo, exceeding 12,000 engagement hours to date. Clients include MDs, PhDs, JDs, MBAs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs, VPs, Executive VPs, Directors, General Managers, Managing Directors, mid-level managers, small business owners and solopreneurs.


To learn more about how you can be liberated from your status quo, visit my Services page.


I have been referred to as a subject matter expert in the business and career development field, and have spoken at numerous conferences locally and nationally such as HR.com, ExecSense, Executive Women in Texas Government, The American Library Association Annual Conference, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and numerous other venues. Professional networking organizations, associations, and business groups invite me to engage, entertain, and educate attendees with my thought-provoking and interactive presentation style, leaving the audience wanting more.


With podcasting emerging as the latest trend in business expansion and branding, I have been interviewed on both live and pre-recorded podcasts and internet radio shows, discussing career advancement, business growth, and my latest book, Own Your Greatness. To listen in, visit my Podcast page.


Take a look at my Speaking page here to see popular topics I can speak on, or contact me to discuss creating a workshop or presentation specifically for your group.


I am a storyteller and use true stories about my own life and the lives of my clients to discover why people do what they do and how to let go of self-limiting beliefs. I write the way I talk, and my books offer actionable advice and strategies that I use in my own business and with my clients to help them reach their highest potential.


In 2015, I published two self-improvement books. As an author-in-training, I am also a voracious reader in this genre. Reading continuously sharpens my saw and develops my coaching skills so I am always getting better for my clients, and improves my writing skills so I can continue to produce high-quality content for my readers.


I write a bi-monthly blog that you can subscribe to also [go right over there to the sidebar and sign up for my list now!]. I am always looking for hot topics and interesting subjects to write about, so let me know what you’d like to read!

Warren Buffett often remarks that the best investment you can make is investing in yourself. If you’re ready to invest in achieving your professional goals and extricating yourself from the monotony, call or email me for a complimentary initial consultation TODAY.