Career Coaching

career coaching

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching focuses on the individual contributor or manager who needs support and guidance during job, industry, or career change. Changing jobs; whether a promotion, lateral move, company or industry change, can be a pleasant and enlightening experience when you partner with a professional experienced in navigating the murky waters of transition.

When you find yourself in career transition, whether by choice or by force, the expert support of a coach can reduce the frustration and increase the efficiency of the change.

Career Development Services

Career Exploration

Not sure what direction to go next? Career exploration helps you achieve greater self-awareness of your decision-making models, values, personality characteristics, skill, talents and abilities and how they align with your career. This program is designed to help you figure out what the right career is for the right reasons.

Job Search Strategy & Planning

Outdated job search strategies waste precious time and resources. Integrating the best practices in effective job search & networking creates a systematic, repeatable approach with better results, faster.

Interview Strategy & Technique

Once your resume has opened the door for a new opportunity, it’s time to shine in the interview!  You need to know how to confidently answer difficult questions and think quickly on your feet without sounding scripted.

Resume Services

Your resume is the key to opening doors for potential opportunities. It’s a critical marketing tool that needs to deliver powerful results. A skillfully crafted resume will represent your best qualities, demonstrate your potential value to an employer, and make the difference between a passing glance and a request for interview.

Salary Negotiation

The final act of selling your worth and value is in the salary negotiation phase. You can strategically negotiate the offer and effectively communicate counter offers to secure the package you want. And there’s so much more than salary that can be negotiated!

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