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Gateway To Success

My most popular coaching program, I created Gateway to Success for driven, motivated, A-players looking for a way to take your professional life to the next level. Attorneys, creatives, coaches, marketing, financial services professionals, and business development executives have applied the strategies learned from the Gateway to Success program. They’ve reached new professional heights, broken through self-imposed limitations, developed new services and created sustainable business development strategies. They’ve also optimized their personal productivity, deepened personal and professional relationships, increased efficiency, and made more money, faster!

Gateway 6

In the Gateway  6 coaching program, we’ll tackle your toughest issues first to pave the way for explosive growth and professional development. This consists of two [2] 50-minute coaching sessions per month. This is a highly customized coaching plan tailored to the needs of the individual client. Goals and objectives are established in the first session to ensure clarity of purpose and direction.

Clients who want focus on short-term vision, setting boundaries, increasing personal effectiveness, time optimization strategies, improving professional relationships and communication skills, strategic business building, storyselling, and becoming an inspiring leader are perfect candidates for Gateway 6.

Gateway 12

The Gateway 12 is available for highly dedicated individuals committed to a long-term vision and professional plan. As you develop through the initial Gateway 6 and master your professional advancement, you’ll begin to reach your potential and achieve your goals. As this happens, new challenges surface, more complex decision-making is required, and the ability to be nimble and flexible becomes critical. Gateway 12 includes two [2] 50-minute coaching sessions per month, bonus sessions as needed, unlimited email support between sessions, plus a comprehensive executive and leadership assessment with 90-minute debrief session.

Clients who want to build an organization, grow a dynamic business, or develop something new with a strategic thinking partner are perfect candidates for the Gateway 12. [Minimum annual revenue requirement: approaching or above $1M]

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