Wendy is very optimistic and enthusiastic. She’s going to take you and show you, hey, there’s an opportunity for you to take your business to another level. I really got a lot out of my discussions with Wendy. She really understood my business and knew exactly where I should take my business.

David Thompson

Principal, Thompson Investing

I knew that she had a lot of resources and a lot of knowledge in business, but I’ve been blown away by not only the books, the techniques, as well as individuals that she knows to be able to take me to the next level…

…So, it’s not only direct resources, but the indirect resources that I can verify. I’ve actually recommended her to several other people already.

Andrew Miller

Managing Partner, Commercial Loan Solutions

One of the things that she did…that she does all the time actually, is to help me know what I don’t know. So, for example, I wanted to do a marketing plan. That was my goal. As we worked on it, the first thing she helped me identify was who’s my ideal client. Who do I want to work with, who am I ACTUALLY working with, and what are the differences between those two people.

Part of what I like about her is that she has helped me to identify specific, firm, measurable goals and accountability in how I would know if I had actually reached my goals. And so, it’s been great! We actually have been really successful and I met all of those goals. I signed up for another six months and off we go to move bigger and better.

Kelly Capps

Capps Law Firm, PLLC.

I hired Wendy because she was the first coach that I have ever met that clearly had a unique mix of both sales and coaching experience. Within the first 5 minutes of our first meeting where I thought I was just building a new networking relationship, she couldn’t help it and went right into getting me talking and giving me some useful tips. It was a breath of fresh air in comparison to a lot of posturing and nebulous descriptions that many service providers give so that you “have to hire them to see behind the curtain”. I think Wendy’s style is genuine, authentic, transparent, and supportive rather than oppressive and punitive. The “carrot not stick” approach works well for me over experiences I have had with coaches on the contrary.

Matt W.
Principal Owner, Financial Services Firm

I was at a major fork in my career and was struggling to figure out if I should keep trying to get another job or concentrate on my startup business. I was distracting myself and pulling myself in too many directions. I knew I was probably self sabotaging in my job search as I really didn’t want to get another job. Wendy helped me get all of my tangled thoughts out and then walked me through some purpose exercises to re-affirm what is important to me and allow me to re-articulate my purpose. Once my purpose was clear again it was easy for me to begin to set goals and take action from there.

Shawn I.
Entrepreneur, Investor

I recently completed a coaching program with Wendy and my business is feeling much more than jump started! Wendy is excellent. At first I was a little hesitant. What could she know about MY business? She understood so much more and has guided me down a path that is already leading to amazing results. I recommend Wendy HIGHLY for any business owners. At first I thought I couldn’t afford her, now I know I can’t afford NOT TO HAVE HER! Wendy is prompt, professional and an absolute Godsend to my business!

Ashley T.
Principal, Consulting Firm

I did Wendy’s coaching program and found it beneficial in getting me focused on what is and isn’t important in running my business. The introspection and feedback provided by the program helped me better understand what is most important in my daily business dealings, and life in general. Wendy is professional and forthright in her approach to coaching. She tells you what you need to hear to get you on track for success. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone running a business; large or small.

Charles Q.
Principal, Consulting Firm

Wendy is by far the best thing that has happened to my business. With her guidance I’ve managed to take my business to a level far beyond my initial expectations. Not only have I learned how to make my business a well-oiled machine but also, how to make myself, professionally and personally efficient and as a whole happy!

Kristie W.
Founder CEO, Marketing & Advertising Consulting Firm

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