Managing Fast Growth in a Small Business

I was hired by a client who knew he’d exceeded his capacity to grow and scale his business by himself. He was humble enough to admit he needed help; he’d become the bottleneck in the business. We strategized ways to outsource duties he was holding onto; optimized...

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How Do You Listen to Your Prospect?

I have three clients in various stages along the sales profession continuum; one is brand new with less than a year of experience, one is mid-career with around a dozen years of experience, and the other is a skilled professional with decades of experience. And yet...

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Stop Negotiating Against Yourself

Many small business owners struggle with raising their prices and charging what they're worth. They make the mistake of thinking they have to lower their price to close more sales, when the exact opposite is true!   In this quick 3-minute video I'll share......

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Avoid Being a Statistic!

How to Grow Your Business Beyond Yourself​​​​​​​ I participated on a Sales Roundtable recently and was reminded of a staggering statistic regarding the failure rate of small businesses. It was so alarming I felt compelled to record this 3 minute video to help those of...

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The Cost of Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall

One of the true marks of a professional is your desire for ongoing development because you never know it all. And with the speed of innovation and increasing consumer demand, it's the only way to stay ahead of the business curve. Product and service companies must...

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Your First 100 Days of 2018

When I started my coaching practice in 2008, some of my first clients were the early victims of the economic implosion; c-suite executives and high-ranking leaders receiving pink slips for the first time in their careers. Some of them viewed the lay-off as the...

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Fast is Slow, Slow is Fast

About a month ago I connected with a gent on both LinkedIn and Facebook. Last week, I happened to catch a post he made on FB. He was attending a conference where his wife was speaking, and he captured a direct quote she made during the presentation, "A transfer of...

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Do you REALLY know how you show up in conversation?

To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of publishing my 2nd book, Own Your Greatness in Oct 2015, this is an edited excerpt from chapter 4. During my career in sales management I had the privilege of working with a team of salespeople ranging in experience from less than...

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There’s no crying in baseball!

Little known secret about me: I love watching movies repeatedly to catch sometimes obscure, often hilarious, or even profound, thought-provoking lines from characters. One of my favorite movie quotes stumps EVERYBODY, even though it's from a cult classic comedy of the...

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