Have you ever seen those graphic illustration videos where someone is drawing along with the speaker or narrator, and at the end you have this really cool visual artifact of the topic?

That’s KINDOF what Emily Steinberg does, but at a much higher, strategic level. What Emily does is either graphic recording or graphic facilitation, depending on whether she’s simply recording what’s being presented, or acting as a facilitator and guides the conversation.

Emily graphically recorded a presentation I attended at the Women Communicators of Austin monthly luncheon last year. The speakers were Jen Fairbank and Erika Marcoux of Cornerstone Mindfulness.

EMILY-STEINBERGThe next time I met Emily, she was wearing her signature pastel green framed glasses and a kilt. Yes… a kilt!

I even stopped her in the coffee shop where she was meeting someone and asked her if in fact it was a kilt, and I marveled at how great it looked on her!

We both went back to our respective meetings with our coffee dates after exchanging cards. When we met a few weeks later for our own coffee meeting, that’s when Emily really impressed me with her work.

The above image is a sample of her work. She was hired by Robert F. Kennedy to graphically record his keynote presentation at the 2016 SXSWEco conference on economic, environmental, and social change.

Her work is described as a colorful act of making a meeting, conversation or presentation highly visible, in real time, through pictures and words. Graphic recording gives shape and substance to content by revealing the underlying patterns of thought, dialogue and possibility.

Emily loves to record half-day or day-long retreats, strategic planning sessions, keynotes, and other content-rich presentations. Her secret sauce is her ability to connect dots visually and create a graphic map of the high-level content shared.

If defining your vision and mission statements, creating internal congruity or organization alignment, uncovering your values, or harnessing the power of your dreams through a tangible resource sounds interesting to you, check out the cool thing my entrepreneur friend Emily Steinberg is doing on her website, emilyyes.com, where a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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