His warmth, authenticity, and care were immediately comforting. While I’m not one to be uncomfortable meeting new people, his grandfatherly demeanor touched with boyish spryness were oddly refreshing yet gently soothing. I was drawn to his kindly countenance. His smile – contagious. I think he probably sleeps with a genuine smile on his face! Accompanying the youthful grin was a twinkle in his eye; a wascally wabbit kind of glint that suggests he’s up to something.

And up to something, he is.

Tom Britton is a keynote speaker with a special kind of flair; he’s also a magician. What’s more, he’s a former bank President. Magic and money together make shady bedfellows, however Tom’s stellar integrity dictated they never had immoral relations. Instead, Tom applied his magical abilities to train his teams on delivering magnetic customer service that helped his banks sail through the 80s bank recession unscathed. As a result of his extraordinary training efforts, during his tenure his bank posted record profits 7 years in a row. While other banks were closing, his was buying up the banks dying slow, painful deaths.

Tom attributes his bank’s massive success to the one thing we all dread: change. He says he didn’t fear change, but he also didn’t change just for changes sake. Tom made the right changes, at the right time, for the right reasons. This caught the attention of other banks and struggling companies during the recession, and Tom’s speaking career was born.

Tom’s keynotes reveal the truth about our fear of change: it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Throughout Tom’s presentations, he sprinkles in a few enchanting tricks to illustrate 3 key points:

  1. a guillotine is used to show how change is an illusion
  2. seven magic words can spark excitement about change
  3. you can reap rewards if you believe in change [and magic!] and take action

The takeaway from Tom’s ‘show’ is change is difficult, until it isn’t. When you understand this, your fear of change diminishes and your mind becomes open to new ideas; new possibilities. When I asked Tom what he’s learned from the experience of delivering his message, he shared this nugget: people are the same everywhere. Throughout all times in history, even the ancient Egyptians, our species hasn’t changed much. The more things change, the more they stay the same, only better.

Tom co-authored a book, The Magic of Changewith a fellow magician in 2000 and released an updated version in January 2017. [Their first edition sold out and Tom didn’t keep a copy, so he had to buy his own autographed copy on eBay for $600!] Tom will deliver a keynote to your group on delighting customers and getting more referrals, with a chapter in his book customized just for your team. Attendees will learn, laugh, and have their spirits levitated!

Visit Tom’s website to watch some videos about his Magic of Change presentation. Pull a rabbit out of your hat and book him for your next event – you’ll be a hero!

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