Own Your Greatness

Stop playing small and start playing to win. There’s one common factor linking all successful people: they play big and aim to win. Successful people exude a high level of self -confidence that gives them the courage to play big. Surprisingly, not all successful people were raised in supportive families that instilled strong messages of self-worth and self-confidence. In fact, many successful people had to overcome early negative messaging and learn how to bolster their self-image through difficult personal work later in life. Owning your greatness, then, is a skill you can learn too, just like any other skill you acquire.

In this straight-forward yet humanistic look at why less than 25% of the population is comfortable owning their greatness, Wendy reveals her own true stories and those of her interview subjects of feeling unworthy of success. She uncovers common behavior patterns among successful people who decided to stop giving their power away and started owning their greatness, and demonstrates how you can implement those same strategies in your own life.

Own Your Greatness shows you how to harness the force of your self-confidence, and how to maintain it through the most difficult challenges. You will learn how to transform negative beliefs and thought patterns to reclaim the greatness within, tap into your energetic power, and step into the best version of yourself in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Buy this book to crack the code of what successful people do to own their greatness.

The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself

There is an abundance of books, seminars, podcasts, and webinars on being productive. Every day you may wake up and instantly think about how much you need to get done that day and wonder how you’re going to get it all done.

Most productivity resources focus on one major slice of our daily time pie: our work. But once the work day is done, how do we disconnect and focus on ourselves? How do we disengage from the rat race and engage in real self-care?

In this practical and lighthearted book, Wendy Nolin serves up 10 simple yet powerful actions you can begin to engage in one by one that are free or inexpensive and will enrich your life, provide deep intrinsic value, and have long lasting impact.

The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself will inspire you to stop spending money on material items or numbing out on Netflix and show you 10 simple ways to invest your most precious resource, your time, in your personal well-being that will allow you to disengage from the rat race and achieve a greater sense of self. Making these small, consistent deposits into your “Self” account will enhance your personal and professional life and add value without taking capital.

The best investment you can make is investing in yourself. It’s an investment that can’t be taxed or taken away from you and will provide benefits that are exponentially greater than any other investment you can make.

Get started today investing in You to create an extraordinary life… NOW!

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