Sales Consulting

Consultants turn Strategy into Plans and Plans into Action

Sales Consultants focus on executing and delivering real results, targeting four execution disciplines: strategize, optimize, maximize, and organize. This allows the consultant to drive transformation in your sales organization and unleash hidden value in existing products, processes, and systems. A sales consultant looks at the sales organization holistically through the lens of strategic planning, change management, execution efficiency, cost reduction, revenue growth, market positioning, organizational structure, and culture.

But What Does That REALLY Mean???

A Coach provides you with the tools, techniques, strategies, and reasons why to do what she advises. She teaches you how to ride the bike, but doesn’t actually ride it for you.
A Consultant provides you with the tools, techniques, strategies, and reasons why to do what she advises, AND she rides the bike for you while teaching you how to do it yourself eventually.

Sales Consulting Clients Include:

What Client’s Say

“I was so excited for the possibility to work with Wendy. I was hopeful that with her help our sales and marketing teams would align and work together to achieve bigger, better results with the main goal being to open up and sell to new markets with our B2B channel. Wendy did exactly what I expected. Immediately she helped our teams create an outline and tasks for achieving a full sales strategy. She then workshopped with us to create our ICP’s and helped us identify marketing needs for each step of the sales strategy. My time with her happened quickly, efficiently, and left me with few questions due to clarity. I feel so much more confident about working on B2B marketing now as a result and have applied some of Wendy’s teachings to my own business. 

Wendy was incredibly professional, succinct, and caring at the same time. She helped our teams uncover the root of the problems we were having and helped us identify legacy issues that were hindering growth. I’m so grateful for the time that we worked together, Wendy is a great teacher as well as a great consultant. Thank you for everything, Wendy! “  ~Tanya R., Grav


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