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Communication is an integral building block in ensuring a successful venture, no matter the subject. As such, I have been very active in several highly visible podcasts. Take a look at the below podcasts as I discuss some of the tips, tricks, and challenges that may help you take your career and/or business to the next level.

Have Wendy As A Guest

If you are interested in having me on your podcast, simply contact me via the below button and we can discuss the details about scheduling an appearance on your show!

Natural Born Coaches

My first podcast interview was by Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches in Canada. We talk about how my coaching business has evolved and my advice for overcoming obstacles for new coaches starting out.

Experts Showcase

Next up I head on over to Pennsylvania with Chris Sprague on the Experts Showcase podcast where Chris and I have a blast trying to stay on topic talking about what I think are some key problem areas that  business owners, executives and entrepreneurs all experience. I provide 3 suggestions on how to deal with these issues by highlighting some of the topics in Own Your Greatness.

Carry On Harry

My second international interview was with Harry Johal of Carry On Harry, a radio show in Singapore.  He asked the difficult questions that gets to the heart of why people don’t work with coaches, and we had a great discussion about how to get started on professional development. We also discussed my book The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself as well as the upcoming launch of Own Your Greatness. One of the most interesting interviews so far.

Search for interview #57 on Harry’s website.

Tough Talk Radio

For my first LIVE radio interview, I stopped by Workshop Wednesday on Tough Talk Radio with Tony Gambone to talk about Executive Career Development. Interestingly we were both born in PA and now live in TX, except he admitted he came kicking & screaming in protest, while I got here as fast as I could!

When you get to the page, below “blogtalkradio” in the upper left corner of the page is the “play” icon to listen.

Tenacious Living Radio

Back to Calgary, Canada, where The Original BS Mentor (yes, BS stands for bullshit!), Carrie Ann Baron meets the Ass Kicker for Hire! We had a blast on Tenacious Living Radio discussing how high level professionals doubt themselves, their abilities, and their self-worth and how having a coach in their corner can help them own their greatness and be a Rockstar!

Go to interview #17 to listen.

Exit Coach Radio

Bill Black of Exit Coach Radio in sunny Orange County, California had me on his esteemed program of authors, advisors, and thought leaders providing expert advice to age 50+ business owners. We talked about the mindset of deservability and how to bootcamp through life. Bill referred to it as preparing by measuring twice, cutting once.


Janus Mumford had me on her brand new live radio show and podcast, TellJanus! We discussed the difference between men and women owning their greatness and the steps to keep arriving at greatness over and over. We also discussed the perception of women in the consulting world, and what young women need to know about how things have changed in the workplace.

If you search for the interview, ensure you spell my last name with an “a” (i.e. Nolan).

Bold Radio Network

Kim Boudreau Smith, CEO of Bold Radio Network had me on her Heart 2 Heart live show and we quickly discovered a vast array of similarities in our backgrounds and experiences, least of which is our fiery, direct, and passionate communication style! We discussed the similarities and differences between the challenges that executives and business owners face, and how the landscape of the workplace has changed not just nationally, but also globally.  Kim asked me questions I’ve never been asked before, and our time together flew by!

Crave Radio

Line Brunet with Crave Radio had me on her live radio show, Find Your Groove. She and Kim of Bold Radio win the tie of asking me the toughest questions so far! Line dug deep into my life and made it comfortable for me to reveal my own challenges with owning my greatness as my book is about to launch. She inquired about the difference between men and women owning their greatness and suffering from deservability.

Happen To Your Career

Scott Barlow had me on Happen To Your Career Podcast. Scott had me on for an hour to unpack the details of my background, then we talked about how to get unstuck in your career, improve your performance, and how coaching can reduce the time it takes to achieve your aspirations. We also discussed some tidbits from both of my books, The Top 10 Best Investments in Yourself, and Own Your Greatness too!

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